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ABIA Conference – Wednesday 24 April 2013 – Numbi Hotel, Hazyview

Chestnut Country Lodge and several other establishments in the area had the opportunity to attend the ABIA conference yesterday at the Numbi Hotel in Hazyview.

So I got to miss a whole afternoon of work…lol … leaving my boss to hold the reigns and supervise the renovations to our pool and deck area – she did an OK job while I wasn’t here…… lol….

Meeting up with Vicki Martin & Chanel Botha was so superb and informative; they shared with us great ideas, other market demands, and some concerns about operating in the wedding industry. You’ve heard the term “Bridezilla” before……

We all had to get up and give an elevator speech! (A 10 second speech on your establishment) it was great fun and I think in all small conferences, a great ice breaker. Even the most shy person can handle 10 seconds.Abia

We are looking forward to joining ABIA at the beginning of June and opening our doors to the wedding market. We are a small intimate Country Lodge and can host weddings for up to 40 people guests. The Lodge can accommodate 26 guests sharing.

We can organise everything for your wedding from the Minister to the table gifts!

Our last 2 weddings were a roaring success and we had such fun organising them.

Our bridal couple from Nelspruit are a stunning couple, and were here in March of this year to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary. We reminisced with them looking at their fabulous wedding photos and remembering what fun we all had.

Our other most recent bridal couple were from Japan. The Japanese bride married a South African. They live in Japan and we had such fun arranging it all, from the flowers to the gifts on the tables, even bringing in the 2 different cultures! What a beautiful bride she was.

We have learnt that getting married in SA at the moment for overseas couples is a bit of a test legally, but we are sure that this will be corrected in time as many forums are working together to get the Sth African Government to see the error of their ways.

But don’t let the legalities spoil your wish to have your Sth African wedding ceremony here. The legalities can be done in your home country and you can come and say “I do” here.

Once again what a great afternoon with stunning people, Thank you to everyone that was there, Kitty, Emma, Affray, Taryn, & our host Edna Minkner-Fick for organising this important marketing event.

We look forward to working with Chanel & Vicki from ABIA and of course to welcoming more couples to say “I do” here at Chestnut Country Lodge.

Guinevere Jandrell

Chestnut Country Lodge

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