Chestnut Country Lodge: Burning the midnight oil…

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We have been working so hard to get the bottom deck up and running!

Everyone one has been given a job no matter how small or how injured… Yes boss I am talking about you!! You just keep on sweeping…lol

Christine decided that the renovations were not stressful enough without her breaking her arm and putting me in a dizzy spin…lol

Chestnut burnig midnight oil 1

(I have more photos of her but probably loose my job lol if I put them on the blog…hahahaha)

We were all given tasks to do to help get thing ready for the big opening day…

Chestnut burnig midnight oil 2

These are terrible photos… but it is evidence that us girls can do anything … the guys were giving us grief as this apparently was not a girly job!! Well we succeeded!!

And while we were sanding, staining and varnishing the boys were busy with this!

Chestnut burnig midnight oil 3

They were getting the poles ready for the 2nd patio, the grass removed for the concrete for the top patio and then they had to lay the blocks for the engineer to come and sign off for the lower deck!!…

Chestnut burnig midnight oil 4

And then all the guys had to bring in the cement to finish this all up … crunch time big time… burn that lamp boys as it was going to be a long night!!!

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