Chestnut Country Lodge: We have almost got our panoramic scenery back!!

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We have been working so hard the last couple of weeks and finally we have almost finished our renovations.


chestnut 1


It has been hard and the mess wow … but all in all it has not been bad!


The worst bit of the building was trying to get the pool here on time!! Fibre Glass pools in KZN kept stalling and stalling, and finally when we threatened them they said it was delayed due to not having the correct permit! Surely this is the first thing you check when you get an order from this part of the world??

At one point we were sure we were getting scammed! We paid the majority of the pool already but when you called to find out if they were going to deliver on time know one would know about the pool!


 chestnut 2      


Any way so the pool arrived and they said 8 men would be plenty to bring the pool down to were we have dug the hole…. Well shall I say 22 men later we just barley pick this pool up and got it to were we were going to put the pool in and 19 men later and late at night we got the pool in the hole!


I am just truly sorry I did not get a photo of this as I was one of the men…lol


The top and bottom patios are done they just need a few more finishing touches.


chestnut 3   

And the landscaping needs to be done…


Other wise I dare say we are almost there!

We welcome you all to come and see what we have done.


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