Renovations at Chestnut Country Lodge

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Still have spectacular panoramic views – even though we are renovating…

Good morning Chestnut followers… we have done quite a bit in the last few days and we are getting on so nicely… It is not to say that it is not a challenge to get everyone to get the lodge ready in the evenings to make it look as good as possible for the fantastic guests who have been staying with us. Remember we are only open till the 19th of May and then closed till the 2nd of June for the major renovations… if you would like to come stay before the 19th of May e-mail us at and we will help you book.. Come and see for yourself what we are up too!

The filling up of the pool started out as a very long tedious job… we thought that this would take days and days… but with a quick thought, the driver for the TLB said that he could get all the way to the pool and dump the sand right in the pool. After he made the ramp and we removed the plants and grass we did not want to lose, the pool was filled by 7pm – what an accomplishment!

Panoramic views at Chestnut 1 Panoramic views at Chestnut 2







We did not leave this newly filled up area bare, we put grass for the time being so that guests could enjoy the patio area.

Panoramic views at Chestnut 3 Panoramic views at Chestnut 4







We have managed to jack hammer the cement away from the pool edge to get the foundation laid on Monday … and the only injury was to Keith the Project Manager ;-)… he won’t do that again…lol.

Panoramic views at Chestnut 5 Panoramic views at Chestnut 6 Panoramic views at Chestnut 7








The foundations for the lower deck are in and set and the pillars were started yesterday – but not without another minor injury of Keith the Project Manager who managed to hit his finger with a hammer……we tried not to laugh too hard…….

So today we are continuing with the pillars and hopefully they will be completed by the end of the day and then the work will commence to build the retaining wall for the new patio tomorrow or the next day.

We are almost ready for the new pool. We have landscaped the area around the pool with gradual slopes and flat areas where guests will be able to relax on a sun lounger with a nice cold drink. We will be putting the grass back when the area is finally levelled and it will start looking amazing again. We are all very excited about the pool arriving on the 20th May 2013.

Keep watching for more news and photos and maybe some more laughs if Keith does himself anymore building injuries…….We are trying to think of a nick-name for Keith – any ideas????

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