Sean Turner & Joanne Grants wedding at Chestnut Country Lodge – Saturday 8 June 2013

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On Saturday the 8 June 2013 we celebrated the marriage of Sean & Jo-Ann, close friends from Australia of my boss Chrissie – Owner of Chestnut Country Lodge.

 Chris,Sean & Jo

They had arranged the wedding through us as Jo-Ann’s parents, brother and lots of her friends are here in South Africa and could not all attend the wedding ceremony that had on the beach in Bali the week-end before…




On Saturday morning all the friends and Jo-Ann & Sean went for a walk down to Sabie Valley Coffee while we set up for the big day… Anet from Anets flowers was here on time as promised and the flowers were so beautiful!


 Marlet & I started on the tables after Christine had hosed down the new patio… lol with 1 Arm it was hard for her to do much but she just can’t sit back and let everyone do all the work….




                                                                                Setting up the Boma for the reception was wonderful … I had planned everything and the set-up took no time at all, this wedding was going to be so beautiful…..  Check out Capone, our dog, rolling on the white carpet…….





                                                          The cup cakes arrived while I was doing the bride’s hair and make-up., I personally thought the cup cakes were a bit dry and crumbly.  The icing was delicious and they were decorated well – just not quite the turquoise & jade green colour we asked for!


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