Sunday Lunch at Casterbridge Centre, White River – Gumtrees

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Working at Chestnut Country Lodge in a lodge one sometimes forgets that there are other restaurants out there…. Our food is so good we love to eat at home… But sometimes we need to explore so we can tell our guests what else is out there!!

My friend Heather called me on Sunday morning to come out and have lunch with her and although … yes, I tried to convince her to come to me, we came to an agreement to meet half way.  What a great decision.

We decided on a restaurant called Gumtrees.  It is a rustic place with picnic tables and a nice fire to keep the people warm … a bit cold on this Sunday morning.  The restaurant inside was set beautifully but was fully booked for a function, I assumed judging by the table decorations. Maybe a touch to girly for a Fathers day lunch…lol.







The waiters were all young guys.  We had 2 waiters before we eventually received our first cup of coffee but then if you just keep the coffee coming, from there on the service was ok. We were not in a rush and Theo our waiter either…lol…. he was a nice chap, helpful did not quite get our order right but was nice enough to get it sorted quick enough.

I would certainly recommend the place.  It was great to be in a restaurant in the middle of the day and not feel bombarded by waiters asking you every 5 min if everything is ok. The place was relaxing and the atmosphere great. Heather and I sat there for a few hours before we moved off to check out the rest of the centre.

What a great place to spend the day! We walked around and looked at the old car museum, the linen shop, Van der Merwe furniture, spice shop, clothing shops, candle shop and Roy’s Jewellery shop and so much more.

It was a super day with a friend at the Casterbridge Centre in White River, only 30 minutes drive from Chestnut Country Lodge near Hazyview.

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